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Who We Are

New Hope had its beginning with 50 people, meeting at a small community building on Wednesday nights for Bible study and prayer, who felt led of God to start a church. So, on January 25, 1989 it was decided to start having Sunday morning worship services. A name was chosen, New Hope Baptist Mission, and Brother Norman Fansler was called to be the first pastor. Jeff Johnson would lead the music, and Joe Ramey would be the Educational Director.

The first Sunday services were held on January 29, 1989 with 40 present, not counting children. The service was held at the Bayridge Community building. At the first meeting it was determined a larger building must be secured, immediately, as the building was already packed beyond capacity.

On February 5, 1989, New Hope met in the League City Elementary School, with Sunday classes for every age. Classes were set up and taken down every Sunday in the hallways, library, stage, etc. Services were held in the school for two-and-a-half years.

By September, 1989, the mission membership had grown to 85, representing 36 families, 16 had been baptized with an additional three waiting baptism. On September 17th, Sunday School enrollment was 113 with 81 in attendance that day.

Rev. Charley Day was called as Interim Pastor, September 16, 1990 after Brother Norman Fansler resigned. The mission called Brother Charley Day as Pastor on April 12, 1991.

On July 28, 1991, the mission moved into a building on Faith Temple's property. For the first time, the misson had real classrooms. Then, on December 8, 1991, the New Hope Baptist Mission was constituted into a church. It was then named New Hope Baptist Church of League City.

About four acres of property was then purchased on Highway 646, our current location. The slab for the present auditorium was poured on March 27, 1993. The Volunteer Christian Builders group then began construction on the 29th of March. The first services were held in the new building on July 4, 1993.

After Brother Charley Day retired, Brother Paul Comer was called as an Interim Pastor. The church then called Brother Jeff Jones as pastor of New Hope on October 20, 1995 who served faithfully for 7 years.

Brother Dick Sumner, received a call on Sunday, October 5, 2003 and retired March 29, 2020 . He is the oldest son of the late Evangelist Robert Sumner. A graduate of Mesquite High School and Tennessee Temple University, Brother Sumner has pastored in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Texas. His wife Donna is a retired 2nd grade teacher in the Dickinson ISD.

Currently Dr. R. L. Calhoun was called as Interim Pastor June 7, 2020.
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